New User Guide

💎 Hello everyone, and welcome to our website! In this post I will explain the basic procedures for purchasing products and accessing downloads, and also some guidelines to follow.

💎 Before purchasing any of our products make sure to check the Status page. Make sure that your desired product is working and undetected.

💎 To purchase a product you will have to go to our store page. Select your product, add to cart, then proceed to the checkout page. On the checkout page there are 2 payment methods: Card or Bitcoin (cryptocurrency). Our Bitcoin payment processor is Paychant and card's is Stripe. Everything related to declines is on their side.

💎 Once you have paid for your product you will be able to go to  => Store => My orders page. Once your payment has been approved you will be able to see your product's key.

💎 At the top of your browser you will find a button called "Cheat Instructions", once you are a customer, you can click on it and you will find there the purchased cheat's manual. Near the Manuals, you will find "Downloads", this is where you can download the required files in order to load the cheat.

✅ If you do encounter any issues, don't hesitate to open a ticket from the Support page, or join us on Discord.